Lviv cultural capital of Urkaine 2009

Lviv Has Been Recognized As The Cultural Capital Of Ukraine 2009

On the 28th of April 2009, Lviv has been recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine. This status award was given based on expert research of The State service of tourism and resorts and “The Council on tourism and resorts issues”. The main reasons of such obtaining is the conducting of more than 100 festivals annually, 60 museums, 100 churches of different confessions, and the big tourist interest in Lviv.

For the past 2 years the tourist stream to the city increased in 40 %, and now it is more than a million people per year.

Among the foreigners, the biggest quantity of tourists are from Poland, Germany, Austria, Belarus, USA, Russia.

The city is known as a center of art, literature, music and theatre. Nowadays, the indisputable evidences of the city cultural richness is the big number of theaters, concert halls, creative units, and also the holding of many art actions. Temples, frescos, paintings, traditions, feasts, festivals, - all these are the heirdom of the past and the product of the present genius, which can be felt only in Lviv.

Owing to enriched cultural programme, developed infrastructure (now Lviv has more than 8 000 hotel rooms, more 700 caterings, free WI-Fi zones in the center of the city, and has good connection with many countries of the world, thanks to flights of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, LOT, CarpatAir, low-cost-carrier Wizzair) Lviv has the biggest tourist potential in Ukraine.

This is also facilitated by the presence of stuff, which provides the demand in cultural and tourist spheres. Lviv has 23 educational institutions, of which 7 have such directions.

According to the statics, more than 10 thousand tourists come to each city festival.

In confirmation of the big potential of the development is the research of international consulting company Monitor Group, who drafts the strategy of Lviv competitiveness. According to this research, tourism and IT-sector are the most attractive clusters of the development in Lviv.

The special motivation factor is the possibility of holding the EURO-2012 in Lviv.

To make the infrastructure better, the new city transport strategy for 20 years is being working out. It is elaborated by German company PTV AG.

Besides, according to the latest data (the rating of well-known audit company KPMG), Lviv is one of the 30 most attractive cities of the world to develop the IT-technologies.

Lviv has established many city-feasts, such as Coffee and Chocolate feasts, the feast of pampukh, The Day of Batyar, such festivals as “Ethnovyr”, “Krayina Mriy”, the international theatrical festival “Golden Lion”, the young theatrical festival “Drabyna”, that has already became traditional for the citizens and visitors of Lviv.

Also you can download PowerPoint presentation "Lviv cultural capital of Urkaine 2009" here

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