Concert and Exhibition Halls


Phone: +38 (032) 238-53-30
Horodocka str. 83,
tel. +38 (032) 238-53-30

Concert Hall of Lviv State Music Academy

Phone: +38 (032) 261-29-89
Concert Hall of Lviv State Music Academy
Nyzhankivskogo str., 5,
tel. +38 (032) 261-29-89

Lviv Art Palace

Phone: +38 (032) 261-47-33
Fax: +38 (032) 297-00-10
Lviv Art Palace
Kopernyka str., 17
tel. +38 (032) 261-47-33
Working hours: Tuesday-Sundat: 10 am - 5 pm
Opened in 1996. The biggest in Ukraine art exhibition center. 12 exhibition halls (3,6 square meters) are situated on 4 levels.

Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall

Phone: +38 (032) 272-39-53
Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall
Bandery str., 8
tel. +38 (032) 272-39-53

Organ and Chamber Music Hall is situated in former Roman Catholic Church of Mary Magdalene (18th century). In 1932 new organ made in Czech Republic by "Rieger-Kloss" firm was installed there. It is the biggest organ on the territory of Ukraine. In Soviet times the church was used as a sport hall and in 1960-ies it was  adapted to be an organ hall of Lviv Mykola Lysenko Conservatory. Now it is used for different concerts.

Lviv Philharmonic

Phone: +38 (032) 235-89-46
Fax: +38 032 274-10-22
Lviv Philharmonic
Chaykovskoho str., 7
tel. +38 (032) 235-89-46

Lviv Philharmonic is situated in a lovely secession building, which was built in 1907 for the Musical society of Galicia. These are unique premises with perfect acoustics and all necessary devices. It is no coincidence that “philharmonic society” from Greek is translated like a love to the harmony.

The orchestra started to function as a regular philharmonic since 1933. The Soviet authorities “created” by its decree a symphony orchestra by Lviv Regional Radio committee in December 1939. The conductors were Isak Pain and Mykola Kolessa. The orchestra was reestablished after the War. The Symphony Orchestra of Lviv philharmonic society has got an academic title in 2006. The main activity of Lviv philharmonic society is to conduct the symphonic, chamber, jazz, popular concerts; to organize the musical festivals, literature and art activities, meetings and exhibitions.

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March 2016
April 2016
The V Festival of Pysanka (Easter eggs) in Lviv
May 2016
“Flugery L’vova” (“Weather-Vanes of Lviv”) – the 11th International Jazz Festival
The 6th “Wiz-Art” International festival
June 2016
Alfa Jazz Fest 2016
September 2016
Lviv Fashion Week
December 2017
Lviv Christmas Fair

Franz Xaver Mozart initiated the foundation of the musical brotherhood of Saint Cecilia in Lviv
Ukrainian Sich Rifleman Stepan Pankivskyy hoisted Ukrainian flag on Lviv City Council Tower
Architects Paweł Szczęśliwy (Paweł the Fortunate) and Ambrogio Nutclauss (alias Ambroży Przychylny) built Turei Zahav Synagogue‎ (known as The Golden Rose Synagogue)
Low Castle was taken to pieces
Barefoot Carmelites Church of Saint Michael Archangel was built
Union of Armenian Church with Roman Catholic Church