The 1st railway in Ukraine

The first railway in Ukraine, Lviv – Peremyshl was built in 1861.

In 1859, the first railway tracks were laid from Peremyshl to Lviv, a distance of 97.6 km. The Lviv railway station was completed in October, 1861. It was meant to be the hub for trains departing in 4 different directions: to Krakow, Chernivtsi, Brody, and Pidvolochysk. The first passenger train arrived in Lviv from Peremyshl at 14:30 on November 4th, 1861. The train stopped at different stations, such as, Medyka, Mostyska, Sudova Vyshnia, and Mshana, where it was met by hundreds of curious local farmers. Municipal bands duly celebrated the arrival of the “iron horse”.

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the oldest known Lviv Coat of Arms representation on the seal of city judges
Barefoot Carmelites Church of Saint Michael Archangel was built
Statute of Royal Capital City of Lviv was adopted
Architects Paweł Szczęśliwy (Paweł the Fortunate) and Ambrogio Nutclauss (alias Ambroży Przychylny) built Turei Zahav Synagogue‎ (known as The Golden Rose Synagogue)
second external row of defense walls around city was built
Rus Voivodship was founded and Lviv became its center