The 1st university in Ukraine

The first university in Ukraine, the Jesuit Academy, was founded in 1661.

According to the Treaty of Hadiach signed between Poland and Ukraine in 1658, two Orthodox universities (academies) were to be created in Ukraine. One of them was to be situated in Kyiv, and the second in Lviv. Higher educational institutions of other denominations were not allowed to open in these cities, and so, the Jesuit College was to be closed down. The Jesuits clearly understood the consequences of such a decision, and demanded that their college should be recognized as a university. King Jan Kazimir signed the final decree on January 20th, 1661. This date is considered to mark the founding of the Lviv University.

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The beginning of city walls dismantling. Dismantling of Halytska and Kakivska gates
General National Exhibition took place on the territory of Stryiskyy Park
Karekin ІІ inaugurated and baptized the main Armenian Church in Ukraine - Church of Dormition of Virgin Mary
first Lviv "skyscraper" was built om Mickiewicza Square
famous pianist Ferenz Liszt performed on the stage of Skarber Theater
George Hoffman started runnig "Under Three Hooks" coaching inn. It was to become George Hotel later - the oldest existing Lviv hotel