Religious and Sacral Atlas 

Our guidebook includes information about 255 religious sites located in Lviv, Vynnyky, Briukhovychi and Rudno, providing both detailed names and addresses. You will also find a list of miracle-working icons, and relics of saints and the blessed located in various churches of the city.

Lviv is a centuries-old city with an unusually interesting and diverse history. The cultures and traditions of many different nations have always intermingled here, and produced a diversified and very special atmosphere. Lviv’s traditions and architecture reflect a harmonious blend of the old and the new. The churches and places of worship are splendid testimonials to both the past and the creative genius of contemporary masters.

The Lviv City Council has sponsored the publication of a unique guidebook called “Sacral Lviv: religious sites on the city map”. It will contribute to stimulating and developing “sacral” tourism, especially pilgrimages. The atlas shows the location of Greek-Catholic, Roman-Catholic, Orthodox, and Armenian churches, chapels and monasteries, as well as Protestant churches, Jewish and Mormon places of worship, and various educational and charitable institutions of different denominations and confessions.  

first mention of Saint Onuphrius Monastery
Ivan Fedorov printed in Lviv first Ukrainian books - "Apostle" and "Bukvar" (Primer)
Saint Anthony Church was erected
the oldest exhisting Lviv church was erected - John the Baptist Church
Karekin ІІ inaugurated and baptized the main Armenian Church in Ukraine - Church of Dormition of Virgin Mary
the main court church of Prince Leo was built - Saint Nicholas Church