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Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Strolling along Lviv’s narrow, winding streets, you may wonder that the city seems to be so ancient, seven hundred years old and yet, so very modern. You can also enjoy Lviv’s unique architecture, and listen to the never-ceasing hum that pervades the present-day city streets.

Lviv is the only city in Ukraine that was able to preserve the medieval structure of its central area. It has over 2,000 architectural monuments connected with the founding of the city, and the history of the country. Lviv’s uniqueness was officially recognized when UNESCO included the historical ensemble of the city center in its World Heritage List (December 10th, 1998 at the 22nd session of IKOMOS in Kyoto).

As you wander through the streets of Lviv, it is impossible not to fall in love with the unique and majestic beauty of the city. Each visitor, wherever he may come from, will feel something special in his heart and soul, and will want to return again and again to the city of Lviv.

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Today: 2017-11-22
March 2016
April 2016
The V Festival of Pysanka (Easter eggs) in Lviv
May 2016
“Flugery L’vova” (“Weather-Vanes of Lviv”) – the 11th International Jazz Festival
The 6th “Wiz-Art” International festival
June 2016
Alfa Jazz Fest 2016
September 2016
Lviv Fashion Week
December 2017
Lviv Christmas Fair

Lviv was occupied by Austrian general Hadik
first Lviv cake and cookie shop was opened in Andreolli passage
Lviv Protestant community was allowed to have its services in Saint Ursula Church
Franz Xaver Mozart initiated the foundation of the musical brotherhood of Saint Cecilia in Lviv
Bell tower is erected to the left side of Dominican Church
George Hoffman started runnig "Under Three Hooks" coaching inn. It was to become George Hotel later - the oldest existing Lviv hotel