January 2017

IX Pampukh Holiday – the main event of Christmas in Lviv

Date: January 7-9, 2016
Location: Rynok Sq., the northern side
On the 7-10 of January, the inner courtyard of Pototski Palace will be filled with the great aroma of a huge number of home-baked doughnuts, and there will be a very warm homey atmosphere. All guests will have the chance to learn the history and the best recipes of this delicious Christmas dish as well as just have a really good time.

Gunpowder Tower was built. It became city's strategic storehouse
Armenian Archdiocese Museum was set up
the first wooden church and monastery of Saint George were built
the tradition of having yearly fairs in front of St. George Church started
Jacob Skora made a bell for Saint George Church. Nowadays it is the oldest preserved bell in Lviv
main railway station was built (architect - Wladyslaw Sadlowski)