June 2016

Alfa Jazz Fest 2016

Alfa Jazz Fest is a festival on an international scale that will take place in Lviv. The festival will not only bring the world’s best jazz artists together; it will plunge the city into the spirit of European-level music performance during an incredible summer weekend. A huge jazz-wave will sweep over the old town, covering its highest roofs with excitement and euphoria. New traditions will arise: Lviv will overflow with groovy jazz that will become a trademark of the city. From now on Europe will open its summer fests under Lviv blue sky with Alfa Jazz.

Armenian devout pawn shop "Mons Pius" was founded
Church of Barefoot Carmelites was built according to the project of Franz Schtatz Jr. from Koln  
Bell tower is erected to the left side of Dominican Church
the first Armenian Church was built
Pope Urban allowed to found Latin Archbishopry in Lviv
first Lviv "skyscraper" was built om Mickiewicza Square