August 2016

International Folklore Festival "Etnovyr"

Dates: 24-28 August, 2016
Location: Rynok (Market) Square
International Folklore Festival "Etnovyr" annually explodes with bright colours during Ukraine Independence Day celebrations. Colourful performances of foreign ensembles, spectacular parades of participants through the central part of Lviv, national cuisine presentations, evenings of friendship, dancing and singing workshops create special authentic and friendly atmosphere during the Festival.

"Building with the four facades" was built and Wiener Kaffeehaus began to opearte there
the oldest known Lviv Coat of Arms representation on the seal of city judges
The 1st Forum of Bookpublishers was held in Lviv
Church of Barefoot Carmelites was built according to the project of Franz Schtatz Jr. from Koln  
introduction of compulsory free day on Sunday and 16 holidays per year
Gunpowder Tower was built. It became city's strategic storehouse